Hi, I'm Brock.

I'm a full stack web developer at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. I believe in sustainability in all things — I aim to write code that is performant, understandable, and robust.


These are some of the things I've been working on recently. I keep more code and contributions over at my Github.

This site was made from scratch using Gatsby, React, and GraphQL.

A headstart to create a fast, statically generated storefront integrated with live data from your Stripe account. Features serverless functions which easily deploy to Netlify and a shopping cart with checkout & persistence.

This starter focuses on Stripe functionality and lets the developer handle the rest.

Buy unique vintage and embroidered goods.

Full-featured e-commerce site, statically hosted, dynamically generated. Simple, low-cost (i.e. free) operation using serverless functions. Easy management through custom admin panel.

Brushstroke uses your phone's gyroscope and a WebSockets connection to turn it into a remote paintbrush, allowing you to paint on your desktop or laptop screen.

Discover, subscribe, and listen to podcasts in your browser.

Features a built-from-scratch JavaScript audio player, progress tracking, and a responsive UI.


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I've migrated my site from Jekyll to GatsbyJS, the static site generator built on React, webpack, and GraphQL. I got to work with some new…

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